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美国知乎quora: 日本VS韩国,你更喜好哪个?


Japan vs. South Korea - Which country do you prefer?



Iain Stanley, Photographer,Instagrammer,Univ.Prof, Japan Expat
I lived in Korea for 2.5 years working at universities, and I have now lived in Japan for almost 14 years working at different universities. So I guess from those figures it's clear to see that I prefer Japan.


The main reason for me is that it's far easier to enjoy hobbies and outside work activities than it is in Korea. For example, I love surfing and bicycle riding. In Japan, there is a huge surfing community and it is a very popular sport.
Further, in every place I've lived in Japan there has been dedicated cycling paths that stretch for miles and miles and miles. Not only that, most common roads even have spaces for bicycles to use. They are actually spaces for scooters but bicycles use them as well.



When I was in Korea, surfing didn't exist. It's starting to catch on a little bit now but only in the far north east corner. And as for bike riding you take your life into your own hands when you go onto Korean roads.
Driver safety, and driver etiquette in Korea is almost non-existent. Most people in Korea are so busy trying to make money and get ahead economically that they don't have time for leisure activities.
Japan, for the most part, is a very very easy country to live in. And despite what many people might tell you, it is extremely cheap outside of huge cities like Tokyo and Osaka.


Jon Housley
Answered Mar 13, 2017
Japan! No doubt, 100X. Why?
People - Japanese are much better hosts. Much more respectful, much more friendly. In Korea, a drunk guy spit in my face because I was American.
Smell- kimchi sinks. Koreans even keep it in a separate fridge. Try riding a Monday morning train without closing your nose. The smell of kimchi and soju is not considered potpourri.
Transportation- you can go just about anywhere by train in Japan. Much easier and cheaper to get around.
Food - so much more diverse food in Japan. More Michelin chefs in Tokyo than any other city. It was hard to get Japanese food in Korea.
Cars - in Korea, you can get any color car you want as long as it's white, black or silver. And yes, most are Hyundai. No tokyo drift in Korea.

1 人。 日本人是更好的东道主。他们对你会更恭敬、更敌对。在韩国,一个醉汉曾由于我是美国人,就朝我吐口水。
2 气息。 韩国沉溺在泡菜里。韩国人爱泡菜,乃至把它放到独自的冰箱里。你可以尝尝乘坐周一早上的火车,放开鼻子去闻闻,泡菜味和烧酒味,那酸爽,相对不是你想象中的百花香。
3 交通。 在日本,你可以坐火车去任何中央,四处漫步也更容易、更廉价。
4 食品。 日本的食品愈加多样化。东京的米其林厨师,比天下上任何一个都会都要多。在韩国的话,很难吃到日本摒挡。
5 汽车。 在韩国,汽车的颜色随你挑,不外只要三种可供挑选:白色、玄色和银色。并且,大局部都是古代。韩国陌头,你看不到日本车。

Tong Zou, Software Engineer at Walmart (2014-present)
Answered Aug 10, 2017
This is going to be a very biased answer but South Korea.
1) No historical baggage. Korea has never invaded any country before in its history.
2) Culture of respect and politeness but not to the extremes that Japan has it.
3) Food and cost of living is much cheaper
4) Koreans speak their mind much more freely than Japanese do. They are not quite as blunt as Chinese are, but they don’t their hide their true feelings like Japanese.
and finally
5) Korean women are hot as hell. Make all the points you want about cosmetics or surgery, to me they are much better looking than Japanese women (not that Japanese girls are ugly - they just don’t match up).

1 没有汗青包袱。韩国在汗青上,从未入侵过任何一个国度。
2 恭敬长辈和规矩的文明。而不是日本的那种极度文明。
3 食品价钱和生存本钱更低。
4 韩国人表达心田的情绪,比日本人更自在。他们不会像中国人那样直白,也不会像日本人那样粉饰本人心田的真实感觉。
5 韩国女人真他妈的性感。你能够会说化装和整容,但对我来说,韩国女人便是比日本女人美观。不是说日本女孩丑,她们只是不合适那样。