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Why does AustraliaFEAR China? - VisualPolitik EN


It has been 45years since China and Australia established diplomatic relations. Throughoutthis time, both countries have established one of the most fruitful,controversial and interesting relationships in the entire planet. Economicrelations are very important for Australia: today China is by far its largesttrading partner; 1 out of every 20 inhabitants of this country belongs to theChinese community and both its universities and beaches are packed withstudents and tourists from the Asian giant. Thanks partly to all this,Australians have not experienced a crisis in almost 30 years. However, thesegrowing ties clash with Washington’s interests, and in 2017 the Australiangovernment decided once and for all to take sides. Since then, a diplomaticstorm has been unleashed and Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull hasnot refrained from blaming the Chinese intelligence services for wanting tocorrupt Australian politics and society. In this video we’ll tell you what’shappening in this particular cold war, that is beginning to emerge betweenChina and the United States.



China buys your lands and resources, thenyou use the money to buy American airplanes and missiles. The same shit ishappening all around the world. You're all being sucked dry by these twocountries.


Abs Yusuf
Australia is terrified of China doing tothem what they did to the aboriginal peoples of Australia.


China is the second largest country in theworld by land area. How do you think that happened by anything other thanconquest and colonisation? It's fine to point the finger at someone else, butevery country, every race, every ethnicity has done horrific things to otherpeople. Every single one. No one escapes and if you think they do then youdon't know history.


Lord Of The Killers
Abs Yusuf and the Muslims are terrified ofthe Christians for what the Muslims did with the Christians of Anatolia (GreekArmenian assiriyan Holocaust) and east timore. Mohammed was a pedophile.....


I live in Australia. When I visit Sydney,most people i see on the street are Chinese. Soon Chinese will have significanteconomic ownership of Australia, similar to (but not as significant) as theireconomic ownership of South East Asia (Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia).European Australians are people who took the land for nothing, therefore theyhave little pride. They will sell it for nothing, with no care for the futureof their children. Australians are peaceful people, but extremely ignorant. Theydescent from subservient British lower classes, which is why they serve Britain& the USA in every war.


Marty Ollier
If Australia is very, very lucky China willonly do to us what Australia did to the aborigines...


jason jackson
Aboriginal people of Australia did nothingof value and would rape and kill eachother for 40 thousand years... Theirculture needed to be destroyed


Rob Chille
Abs Yusuf Oi! Fuck off with your abbobullshit.


Dan J
jason jackson Spoken like a true Pussie...I mean Aussie

jason Jackson 说的跟妓女一样的好,哦说错了,我意思是澳洲佬。

jason jackson
To this day, Australia has a high domesticviolence rate, all due to our aboriginal population and the elites say itsAustralia as a whole that needs to change.. We know who and what needs tochange. Its like muslims, the more their are the more terrorism a country has.


Dan J
jason jackson Sounds like the Aboriginalare after justice. Is it really terrorism ... when the Pussies... sorry there Igo again, the Aussies are the real terrorists?

jason Jackson 听起来土著好像真实寻求公道公理。这是恐惧主义?。。。当妓女。。。噢负疚,我又说错了,那么澳洲佬岂非才是真正的恐惧主义者?

Brazz B
the big issue is chinese investment.Because dowwn here, the property market is so insane that the only way a 20yrold can buy a house is to live in the outskirts of cities or large towns out inthe country. A regular 2 story house block where i live goes for $1.3m. theland is bought for the most part, the building is taken down and a chineseinvestor builds dual units on it.